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AMSA Policy

What is policy?

Each policy document pertains to an issue that affects medical students and the communities they live in. Policy documents take together the views and preferences of Australian medical students with the latest evidence on the policy issue. The background of the document acts essentially as a literature review on the topic at hand, whilst the position statement and the policy points specify the broad view of AMSA and the specific actions that AMSA believes are needed to address the issue respectively.

Why do we have policy?

Policy helps to formalise AMSA's advocacy. We take our role in representing medical students extremely seriously and consequently use policy as a tool to understand important issues that affect medical students and understand their views about those issues. Moreover, policy ensures that we do our due diligence before advocating on behalf of medical students, by ensuring that they have a chance to be represented in the process and likewise ensuring that we have developed a sound understanding on an issue before performing advocacy on it.

Can I write a policy?

Yes! Policy teams are comprised of Australian medical students. We are very glad to welcome complete novices and policy wonks to our teams. We take pride in ensuring that you are trained properly and have an excellent experience writing policy with us.

I want to suggest a policy idea or ask a question about an existing policy; who can I contact?

We love to hear policy suggestions from you and are always very happy to chat policy! If you have any questions or would like to hear more about AMSA policy, please email the Vice President External ([email protected]) or get in touch with your University AMSA Representative.

Policy Base

AMSA has a comprehensive policy base, covering a wide variety of issues under a selection of broad topics:

Official Policy Documents

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