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About AMSA

About AMSA

The Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) is the peak representative body for Australian medical students. AMSA is a vibrant student-run organisation that represents, informs and connects all of Australia’s 17,000 medical students. Hundreds of medical student volunteers work together to run our professional-standard events, advocacy, projects and publications. Each of the 21 medical schools in Australia elects an AMSA Representative to represent them at AMSA National Council, which is the primary decision-making body of the Association. 




Medical students are a diverse bunch- we’ve all got our own passions, needs and interests. Whatever yours are, the Australian Medical Students’ Association has a platform to help you pursue it. 

Passionate about global health? Want access to more educational resources? Keen to meet new people at some of the best student-run events in the world? Looking to learn skills in health policy? Regardless of what matters to you, AMSA has opportunities set up to make your student experience the best one possible.

What does AMSA do?

The activities of AMSA are all based around our key objectives of connecting, informing and representing Australian medical students:

  • ADVOCACY: AMSA provides a strong voice for advocating for medical students, ensuring their concerns are heard by all levels of government and other relevant stakeholders in the medical education arena.
  • STUDENTS: AMSA provides a wide range of benefits to prospective, current and graduating medical students. The Association also actively engages with medical students through local AMSA Subcommittees.
  • EVENTS: AMSA holds renowned national events each year, connecting Australian medical students and providing educational and leadership opportunities. Some key events include the National Convention, Global Health Conference, National Leadership Development Seminar, and the Rural Health Summit.
  • COMMITTEES: AMSA has four committees - Global Health, Rural Health and International Students’ Network, which do fantastic work in their specific interest areas; and MedEd which is AMSA’s research branch. 
  • PROJECTS: Our projects span topics from LGBTIQ health, refugee health, climate change, and everything in between. We also have our annual blood drive Vampire Cup with the Red Cross; our Mental Health Campaign; Gender Equity, which runs our female mentoring program; and AMSA Academy, providing our educational resources. 
  • PUBLICATIONS: AMSA produces many publications which are distributed in electronic and hard-copy. Click here to view these AMSA Publications.


What is an AMSA ThinkTank?

AMSA ThinkTanks are the extension of AMSA at the medical school level. AMSA ThinkTanks are chaired by the AMSA Representative and are open to all medical students at each University. The most important role of the ThinkTanks is to provide a direct and accessible link between the local medical student and AMSA, allowing individual students to contribute to the national body. Through its ThinkTanks, the Association is therefore able to collect and analyse the concerns and views of Australia’s medical students - your AMSA Rep will make sure your voice is heard at a national level. ThinkTanks also assist the AMSA Rep in undertaking and implementing AMSA events and projects. Members of AMSA ThinkTanks can undertake a number of roles depending on local conditions. AMSA is your voice on national issues. To make sure your voice is heard, contact your local AMSA Representative (click here), and attend your local AMSA ThinkTank meeting

How can I get involved in AMSA?

  • Check the AMSA website regularly, especially our Positions Vacant page.
  • Attend local Thinktanks and the many events AMSA holds.