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Welcome back everyone to yet another year of med school! Congratulations on passing your exams – that’s no mean feat for any course, let alone medicine. Med school can be really tough at times, but if there’s one thing you can always count on, it’s the support of your peers. With AMSA connecting 17,000 of us, there’s no shortage of people to teach and learn from.

In the spirit of collaborative learning, AMSA is now accepting submissions of medical student written study notes, question banks, flashcardsand other resources for free distribution on the AMSA website. These are materials that you will have already written in the past that you are willing to donate for future generations of medical students to use.

Nothing you can provide is too small or insignificant – we’d love to see anything and everything you’re willing to share! It could be a single page of lecture notes from a first-year biochemistry lecture, or a set of cardiology notes you made for exams, or a talk you gave to your study group.

Please don’t be discouraged from submitting if you think your notes aren't good enough! They evidently worked for you, and anything can help others.

Click here to get started!

A preview of our student submitted note database is live here.



Full credit will of course be supplied for all submissions, however resources may also be submitted anonymously upon request. If you would like to be credited for your work, please add your name and university to a file in your submission. 


Documents should be submitted to the AMSA Med Ed Dropbox here. Please ensure that you only submit work created by you or that you have permission to submit, and make sure your details are attached if you would like to be credited.


We will be accepting submissions throughout the year, although sooner is better as we are aiming for a launch at Council.

New Resources

We are not looking at present for students to write new resources – only ones that have already been written. We do however periodically open applications for volunteers to convene and participate in high-quality, peer-reviewed resource-writing projects with support from AMSA (see here). If you would like to be kept in the loop about these opportunities, please fill in our formhere, including what area of medicine you are interested in covering.

Further Information

For any additional queries, please feel free to contact the Chair of AMSA Medical Education Jeffery Wang and the Vice-Chair (Resources) of AMSA Medical Education Georgia Bertram at 

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