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AMSA Queer Project

 AMSA works to promote health equity for all people, and recognises the importance of respecting diverse sexualities and gender presentations.

2018 is an exciting year for AMSA Queer Project, with plans to launch a national online network for queer medical students in February.  This online network will provide a safer space for LGBTIQ medical students to connect and find community and solidarity, and to discuss issues of particular interest to the queer community. It will be an autonomous network, and will be accessible to LGBTIQ-identifying medical students. We will be posting the link to the new facebook page here in the coming months.

The other major aspect of AMSA’s work promoting LGBTIQ equity is the production of educational resources for dissemination throughout medical schools.  Throughout the year, we will be compiling a handbook on LGBTIQ issues relevant to clinical practice that can used by medical students.  This will be produced in collaboration with LGBTIQ health organizations, community groups, and advocates.
If you are interested in getting involved or want further information, please contact