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13 Oct 2017

AMSA Medical Education Chair 2018

What is AMSA Medical Education?

AMSA Medical Education is AMSA’s newest committee, founded in 2016 under direction from the board and national executive to diversify AMSA’s interests. AMSA Med Ed is an autonomous committee that operates largely separately from but with the support of the National Executive and other AMSA committees. AMSA’s Medical Education committee is itself subdivided into three components, AMSA Academy, AMSA Med Ed Research and AMSA Med Ed Resource.

AMSA Med Ed Research

AMSA Med Ed Research is concerned with engaging in research into medical education in Australia. The committee runs separate projects led by a project convenor and their team, overseen by the Vice-chair (Research) of AMSA Med Ed. The research team is currently overseen by Konrad Pisarski and the only project being run currently is the Psychiatry Curriculum Project (Project Convenor Sarah Melen). The Research team has previously attempted to run a research project into indigenous teaching in Australian medical schools however this has been put on hold pending the selection of an appropriate convenor to lead the project forward.

AMSA Med Ed Resource

AMSA Med Ed Resource is concerned with the production and provision of educational resources for free and open access by medical students. The Vice-Chair (Resources) (Georgia Bertram 2017) oversees project teams consisting of project convenors and team members, who create fact-sheets on medical conditions. These fact sheets are then reviewed by members from other project teams, before publishing for free on the AMSA Website. AMSA Med Ed Resource also collects student submitted notes that are not written by AMSA volunteers, for publishing online without needing to go through the review and formatting process. The aim of AMSA Med Ed Resource is to become a critical component of the medical student experience and a valuable source of information of medical students studying for exams.

AMSA Academy

AMSA Academy is the home of AMSA’s premium educational resources, available for a nominal fee to AMSA student members only. In the past, AMSA Academy online learning modules have been limited to out-of-core components of medical education however in 2018 will expand to cover some core aspects of medical education. AMSA Academy features videos, rich media and other module-based learning activities and provides certificates of completion to student participants. AMSA Academy will be run jointly by AMSA Med Ed and the AMSA Executive Projects Officer. The current AMSA Academy Co-ordinator Imogen Thomson will stay on into 2018 to see its successful relaunch.

Please email Jeffery Wang, founding AMSA Med Ed Chair 2016-2017 at for any questions.


Application Process

The online application process will be through wufoo. Please submit a CV (max 2 pages) and answers to the following questions at the below link:

  1. What is your vision for AMSA Med Ed going forward?
  2. What is your past experience within AMSA or your medsoc?
  3. The chair role for AMSA Med Ed may be relatively time consuming, what other commitments do you have for 2018?
  4. What experience and passion do you have for leadership and working in a team?
  5. What relevant experience do you have in creating the building blocks for a sustainable initiative/project? 

Successful applicants will also contact Jeffery via email separately to their application for a copy of the AMSA Med Ed Strategic Plan for 2017-2020, which may form the basis of their responses. Successful applicants may also wish to read AMSA Med Ed Council reports from the last two years.

The successful applicant will also be involved in selecting their senior team for 2018.

Applications close Friday 27th October 11:59PM AEST

Position Description

Reports to

Vice President Internal (Maddi Taylor 2017, Jess Redmond 2018)

Primary Tasks

    Oversee the strategic direction and development of the AMSA Medical Education Committee.

Oversee junior managers (AMSA Med Ed Vice-chair Resources, AMSA Med Ed Vice-chair Research, AMSA Academy Co-ordinator)

Liaise with VPI, Advocacy Team, Executive and Other Committees

Overall Goals for 2018

Work closely with VPI and AMSA Med Ed Vice-chairs to grow and develop AMSA Med Ed into an integral part of a medical students’ educational experience


To manage and oversee AMSA Med Ed in general

To manage and oversee AMSA Med Ed’s educational resource and notes database

To recruit team members in conjunction with appropriate other managers where appropriate

Establish internal documents and handover protocols to ensure the operational sustainability of AMSA Med Ed in the future

Day-to-day tasks


Liaise with team members

Time commitment

5-15 hours/week

Term of appointment will be 1 year (2018) with the possibility of extension as per perforamcen and in discussion with the 2018 and incoming national executives.


Organisational skills and year-long planning

Ability to engage and motivate volunteers and handle basic HR issues

Excellent communication skills to coordinate an effective committee nationwide with a team that may swell to up to 40 depending on projects taken on

Performance Indicators

Successful uptake of the student note database

Positive wellbeing indicators for volunteers

People to liaise with

Vice-President Internal (exec)

IT Officer (exec)

Advocacy Team (exec)

Student Engagement Officer (exec)




Published: 13 Oct 2017