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National Publications Subcommittee 2020 Callout

17 Jan 2020

AMSA is excited to announce that applications are now open for the National

Publications Subcommittee for 2020! We are seeking passionate and skilled medical

students who are looking for their opportunity to venture their creative or journalistic

outlets through these roles. These positions are open to anyone with or without

experience in an AMSA team - whatever your experience, we are happy to hear from


For this subcommittee we are seeking: 

 1-2 writer(s)

 1-2 editor(s)

 1-2 digital artist(s)

For the descriptions of each of the above roles, see

There are additional application requirements for some roles: 

 Writer applications will need to submit a 500-1000 word piece showcasing

their writing capability. This can be a previous work to a publication, or if one

is not available, applicants are invited to submit a 500-1000 word piece on

either a) a subject they are passionate about; OR b) a pertinent issue medical

students care about in 2019 (e.g. mental health, refugee health, internship


 Digital artist applications will need to submit a portfolio showcasing previous

bodies or works of art. This can be a link to printed portfolio, a blog, YouTube

channel, or other.

 ALL applicants are asked to submit a CV.

Applications for all roles:

Applications close midnight January 31st 2020.

If you have unanswered questions about applying, feel free to email the current

Publications and Design Officer (PDO) at

Published: 17 Jan 2020