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Vampire Cup: Bone Marrow Donation

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 Bone Marrow Donation

Donating blood is not the only way to save lives! When you donate blood you can also join the bone marrow donor registry and have the chance to save even more lives. All it takes is an extra form and an extra 20mL of blood, taken during your donation. Once on the registry, only 1 in 1500 individuals will be called upon to donate each year.

There are then two methods of donating bone marrow. Currently 90% of donors opt for peripheral stem cell collection. This involves one injection of G-CSF each day for four days to mobilise stem cells out of the bone marrow and on the fifth day these stem cells are collected from the blood in a similar process to a blood donation. The remaining 10% of donors opt to undergo the traditional method of direct extraction of stem cells under a general anaesthetic.

Whichever method, your bone marrow donation can offer the only chance of a cure for many patients with leukaemia or fatal blood disorders. For more information please visit the Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry website.


Donate Life

AMSA is excited to announce a new initiative in 2019 to promote the importance of registering your decision to join the Australian Organ Donor Register. More information will be distributed shortly.

Organ and tissue donation has the potential to transform lives, if you would like to save lives when the time comes, register your decision today