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Vampire Cup: History and Results

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Vampire Cup History

Vampire Cup was first incepted in 2008 as a small competition resulting in approximately 400 donations Australia wide. It has since grown with each consecutive year to our biggest year ever in 2018 with 3044 individual donations. In 2018, JCU cinched a win with a historic 426 donations from their students alone! Plus they also all three awards for great percentage, greatest number of individual donations and greatest improvement but can they go #2inarow or will a new University bleed to glory?

2018 Results

Past Winners 

Prize Winners

Highest Percentage of Cohort Donating

Highest Number of Raw Donations

Greatest Improvement


Australian National University

James Cook University

James Cook university


Australian National University

University of Queensland

Western Sydney University


Australian National University

Australian National University

Bond University


Deakin University




Deakin University




Deakin University




Deakin University




Deakin University




University of Western Australia